The soundtrack to another time and place, Deepest Bison’s 2nd full-length album has the lived-in quality of well-written science fiction. Singular in vision, and stunning in execution, Ghost Planet conjures a dark, unfamiliar future disconnected from our own. 

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Deepest Bison. Deepest Bison is Kyle Imes. A member of the Lighted Zone songwriting collective, Kyle wrote and recorded Ghost Planet with little more than a couple of old synthesizers (Korg DSS-1, Ensoniq EPS) and a microphone.

Heavy on synths and rich with nuance, Ghost Planet sounds like the score to a David Lynch directed nature documentary. The songs are beautiful, yet at time menacing and abrasive; as delicate as they are dangerous. A subtle eeriness undermines otherwise uplifting chord structures and inspiring melodies are sharply interrupted by hissing static. The sonic contradiction speaks to the duality at the core of this record. Two sides of the same weighted coin.

Ghost Planet is available on cassette tape from the Family Audio store. Digital versions can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play.