An experiment in nothing particular.

Old stories told again. Some of us didn’t pay attention, but most of us just forgot; lost in everyday music. Eastern Migrations is an assortment of songs loosened from time, translated with shaky hands and a persistent tempo. 

The Lighted Zone is a songwriting collective based out of Minneapolis, MN. Their primary members include: Cory Carlson (Fender bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Baldwin Fun Machine, Korg Ms-10, Percussion, trumpet). Jason Edmonds (Farfisa Mini Compact, Wurlitzer 206, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion, vocals). Alex Achen (drums, percussion, vocals). Chris Rose (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, Fender bass, percussion).

Special thanks to: Kyle Imes (vocals), Mitch Stahlmann (flute, saxophone), Joseph Berns (saxophone), Jake Luck (Casiotone 405), Rachel Robinson (Cello), Sheridan Fox (acoustic guitar, vocals), Zack Rose (production assistance).

Eastern Migrations is available on cassette tape from the Family Audio store. Digital versions can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and more.



Recorded in the Map Room

Mixed by Neil Weir at Blue Bell Knoll

Mastered by Collin Gorman Weiland

Artwork by Jake Luck

All songs by Lighted Zone

2018 Family Audio Recordings